A Bit About Me

I'm a certified professional life coach with a soul twist.  I'm a 2/11 Life Path and I'm here to share my experience, knowledge, passion, and insights with others and remind them of who they really are and who they came here to be. I don't have it all figured out by any means. I'm just a soul on the journey myself.  But I did come here with a very clear intention to remember that and to help others do the same.  If you're here on my site then I believe we have a soul agreement.  Somewhere, some time, some place you and I agreed to meet and touch one another is some way.  Maybe it's to be your coach for a little while or to help you clarify there's something else you're looking for.  Maybe it's to give you a nudge or to give you hope. It could be to have a deeper conversation and share my own past struggles and obstacles to let you know you're not alone and there are a million ways out. It very well could be to annoy, inspire, or intrigue you just enough that you make a decision to become curious about your own soul intentions. I'm never sure what part of my experience, skills, and gifts are meant for each person. I am clear that there are no accidents, and coincidences are really co-incidents and we collaborate on it all.  

I have a degree in Social Work from UT-Austin, as well as several independent certifications, but the thing that qualifies me best to be a soul coach is that I've lived through so much of what my clients are going through and I've found a way to love it all, to own my power, and to continually create a life I love. My life looks pretty easy and amazing now, and it is, but it wasn't always that way. I'll save the gory details for the book but in a nut shell I was a pretty wild and somewhat self-destructive teenager until two major life changing events happened when I was 19. That is when I woke TF up and started paying attention to what my soul was saying. I've been on the path to knowing, healing, loving, and expressing my true self every since, however, not always joyfully. I have a very strong, ambitious, rebellious side of my personality and bringing that aspect of myself into alignment with my soul is an ongoing challenge. But that's all part of the game so I'm embracing that pretty dang well most days too. It is my privilege and my joy to share my gifts, talents, and insights with women, and a few men who dare, who are ready to wake up to their soul intentions and experience this thing called life as the true miracle and blast that it is.

Oh, I also love horses, my family, learning,meaningful conversations, and the beach! 

Best Friends
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