95% of everything we do is subconscious.

50,000 thoughts a day just keep recycling - you can't create anything new until you think a new thought, believe a new idea, feel a new feeling, and take a new action, again, and again, and again, and again....until you become a new person with a new way of thinking, believing, feeling, and acting - then you will create a new reality.

Let't locate and unpack those past experiencing that are frozen in your subconscious mind and running your life from the mindset of your little kid self, without you even knowing it. 

We can access those experiences and memories that set up the hidden limiting beliefs that control your current life situations through your habitual thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions. 

Clear that shit up, replace it with a new memory based on your now wiser older perspective and move one with your life. Create something new. Create something different.  Create something you really want.

I'll also teach you how to develop tools, techniques, daily practices, and new habits that raise your vibration which will inevitably make you a point of attraction for the people, places, prosperity, and purpose you came here to experience. 

Everything is energy. Energy exists in varying levels of frequency. Your personal frequency determines what kind of energy you are an energetic match for.  

Your dominant  frequency, many the primary type of energy you are holding, being, expressing determines what signal you are sending out and what will response to the" call"

Your life experience is 100% reflecting back to what kind of energy you are holding, being, and expressing - whether you know it or not. 

Austin, TX