Soul Coach Conversation


If you're ready to slow down and connect to what's really going on in and behind your life experiences then this is the session for you.  It's a 45 minute one-on-one soul-to-soul conversation where I hold a space for you to just be you. I believe that the answers you seek are truly inside of you, and I also know how hard it can be to access that place when life won't seem to give you a moment to breath, much less reflect, and make new choices. This is a powerful experience where you get to be heard, truly heard.  It's amazing what you can realize in such a short amount of time when you can to hear yourself speak out loud, with no interruptions, no opinions, and no one trying to fix you or tell you what to do. My gift is to listen deeply and hear what's going on behind the story that's running in your mind. And when you're ready, I share insights and new perspectives that hit home and remind you of what you already know. You will leave this session with a new feeling of clarity, validation, and eagerness to stand strong in your life and show up in ways you've always imagined could.

Soul Goals Session


This is a powerful hour of releasing all of your inhibitions and really allowing yourself to recognize what you truly want in your life. One of the biggest reasons people don't have the life they want is because they are not able to name what it is they truly desire, much less take action to create it.  In this session we bypass your limiting beliefs and every day excuses and let your soul speak out loud what it is you crave. You decide if we do a complete life design review or focus exclusively on one area you know you're ready to shift. You'll leave this session with clarity, enthusiasm, and at least 3 small steps you can take now to get on path and move into living the life your soul has planned for you.

Life Path Party


This is a fun and easy way to learn about your life path number and personal year number and bring your friends along with you.  Everyone who attends receives a personalized Life Path reading card that reveals the aspects of their Life Path Number and their current Personal Year Number, as well as a complete set of cards for all 9 Life Path numbers plus 2 Master Path numbers. We'll go around the room and dive into each persons path revealing their gifts, challenges, life "nemesis" and lessons they came here to experience. You'll be blown away when you hear the insights that resonate with what you already know about your friends and you'll feel instantly connected to complete strangers who's path resemble your own or someone you love. There are two options for this exhilarating event.  I offer Life Path Parties at my home and invite a variety of clients, friends, and interested seekers, or you can host a party at your house and invite up to 8 of your favorite friends, neighbors, clients, colleagues, or family members.  Click the Book It button to see what dates I'm hosting a party or Click to Contact Shannan button to send me an email about a party you'd like to host at your place. 

Life Path Insights Reading


Everybody has a path and a plan for the life they came here to create and your birthdate holds a ton of insight about what your soul plan is. It's all based on a system called Numerology and it's fascinating.   The numbers in your birthday reveal so much about the gifts, challenges, intentions, and lessons you came here to experience. In this session I do a lot of homework ahead of time regarding your Life Path Number, your Personal Year Number, and your 9 year cycles. Then we have a conversation where I share all of the insights I gain from calculating, researching, and meditating on your particular birthdate. You'll leave this session with a print out of your reading and an entirely expanded understanding of who you are, what you've been through, and where you're going.

Soul Coach Package


As powerful as one session can be, we all know it takes true commitment and consistently to change a life time of beliefs and habits that aren't working.  If you're looking for more than just a one time boost or tune up and you want to explore, expand and create a real plan for change then this package is the way to go.  In this package I combine all of my talents and let you design the process. You create any combination of Life Path Reading, Soul Coach Conversations, and Soul Goals Vision Sessions to get exactly what you need. By choosing this package you are making a promise to yourself to stick with YOU long enough to discover your truth and gain some tools to express it in ways that feel good and create more success, love, and joy in your everyday experience.

Austin, TX