What if life is just a game and we all agreed on the rules and we all agreed to come and play with each other?  And we all agreed everyone can win and nobody loses, unless they choose to?

Stay with me. It's not the same as everybody gets a trophy for showing up, I know some of you hate that.  It's a totally different kind of game.  Where the degree to which you show up reflects the level of experience "award" you get.  

You set up the obstacles in your life so that they would prompt your desire and inspiration to use your power to create something new. You are a creator. You came here to create your reality. Forgetting how powerful you are is part of the game. Remembering how powerful you are and learning how to access and express that power into physical form is all of the fun. 

  • Align with your higher self

  • Create what you want

    • Body​

    • Relationships

    • Money

    • Career

    • Purpose 

    • Creativity

    • Service

  • Tap into your higher knowing, wisdom, and future potential

  • Aligning your spiritual power with your human expression

  • What if you could harness spiritual knowledge and powers and integrate them into your physical life?

  • What spirit knowledge and powers would you choose to access?

  • What physical things/experiences would you create with that knowledge and power?

  • The trick is it's not magic unless it stays in the non-physical realm. In order to actually experience the spiritual power in your daily life your have to learn how to integrate it with physical actions and the structure of how the physical world works. 

  • The other trick is the physical world doesnt' work exactly or only in the way you've been taught that it does.  So part of the game is you get to explore and play with things until you figure out how to do both at the same time. 

  • That is when you master spiritual power in the physical realm. And that is when life gets super exciting. 

  • There will always be challenges/obstacles because that is what inspires your new creation and since your core nature is a creator you have no choice but to be driving to create. 

  • Everything in your life right now that you do not like or want in any way on any level is here to help you realize what you do want.  The stronger the dislike or discomfort in the area the stronger the desire for something new in that area. 

  • So pay attention to everything that bothers you and ask what is this telling me I want to create instead?

  • Now once your start asking this question the answers will begin to reveal themselves.  The key to winning this game is to pay attention to those images/messages and learn to tune your frequency to match that image/desire.

  • The hidden challenge in the game that most people at the certain level experience is that there are beliefs stored in your subconscious mind that are creating your primary frequwency and sending out the signals that are creating the experiences you do not like or want. And it is your challenge, your work to follow the signals to the root cause of those signals/beliefs and transmute them to new images and frequencies that reflect what you do want to create and experience now. 

  • The fun of the game is that you keep moving "up" levels and creating new challenges but as you move up in the game your skills become much more efficient and strong and you overcome the challenges/obsticles with more clarity, excitement and power.  Not necessarily more ease. But not many of you came here to experience the ease of things. You know you are a powerful creator being and you came here to have some fun exerting your power to create. You quite enjoy the tension of the "fight" so to speak. But it doesn't have to be a negative fight. It can be hard and joyful. 

  • Stop negative obsessive thinking and feeling bad about yourself, your situation, and the people in your life

  • Integrate spiritual awareness into practical life

  • Manifest what you want

  • Raise your vibration to feel better

  • Align your frequency with  what you really want

  • Dissolve unconscious patterns that attract/create shit you no longer want

  • See your soul's perspective on any situation

  • See your soul's plan and you life path intentions

  • What "lessons" experiences/ frequencies qualities your came to explore and embody

  • Why your relationships are not what you want them to be - what your point of attraction is for creating your current circumstances

  • Childhood wounds, beliefs, experiences that established your limited beliefs that are vibrating in a frequency that keep you unconsciously creating your current experience

Downloading information, truthintelligence from the "higher" realms and grounding it, integrating it not this physical 3D experience. It's not about being floaty and woo woo and all mystical and meditative. It's about making it "real" in this physical 3d realm which is an integration of the spiritual and physical. It's a unification. That's what the planet is. It's pure creating in physical form. But now as humans we have become the ultimate creation of consciousness and are aware of our ability to create but we forgot our true nature in order to create contrast that inspires new creation.  We have created the extreme of this and experienced separation to the maximum point and we are now ready to bring it back in to wholeness and that is the journey we are all on together at this time. It's  so much fun.  Now we are reintegrating wholeness just for fun. We created separation and polarity for the fun of experiencing it and now we're kind of done with that game and we are creating a brand new game. Which is physical manifestation through consciousness of who we really are, instead of through ego mechanisms and forgetting who we really are. So much fun to be here now. This has never been done before here on this planet in this realm. 

For some who have mastered this understanding, like Oprah and many others, it's not that big of a deal. They are having fun creating from their heart consciousness, for the most part. While as long as we play the human game there will be some resistance and obsticles/challenges to deal with, as some level of resistance and "separation" is required for any level of physical form to exists, most of us are still creating from our ego mind/intellect/identity/memory consciousness/subsconsciousness so we are not yet having as much fun. Because we are still playing the game at the level of victimconsciouseness. We are moving up the levels to  Manifester Consciousness, Flow Consciousness, and eventually One Consciousness. 

Austin, TX