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Online "Tappy Hour"

Join me and other women entrepreneurs like you for one hour of safe, supportive, & soulful group tapping.

Together we'll acknowledge, release, and transmute the stress, emotions, limiting beliefs, and barriers that hold us back and keep us small so that we can continue to move forward in our business with

peace, clarity, confidence, and joy!

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Angie Heiman

Certified EFT/Matrix ReimprintingPractitioner

"I felt heard, supported, and inspired during this epic hour of releasing my week and calling in the peace, joy, and abundance I wanted to embody.

It was an incredible way to finish my week!"

This online tapping circle is for you if you spend your days building a business serving others and you crave a safe place to land and be held without having to be responsible for anyone else or do any heavy lifting. It's a place to connect with other soul sisters in a loving energetic container where you can let go and leave all that is not yours and does not serve you.

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Sue Williams

Holistic Nutritionist

 I didn't even realized what was stressing me out until the tapping circle gave me the opportunity to access what was below the surface. I feel amazing after every session and it's helped me to move forward in my business.

Join us in maximizing the power of tapping to co-create a supportive space to be honest, vulnerable, and brave while transmuting the fears, feelings, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors that come with the territory of stepping into your purpose, putting yourself out there, and showing up for your own personal expansion through it all.

We'll tap and release common thoughts and themes like

  • procrastination

  • perfectionism

  • fear of putting yourself out there

  • overwhelm with all the tasks to do

  • fear of not being good enough

  • fear of being too busy

  • fear of being "found out"/imposter syndrome

  • feeling ungrounded with too many ideas

  • getting out of your own way

  • creating boundaries with yourself and others

  • asking for help

  • working all of the time

  • fear of not having enough clients

  • chasing shiny objects or shiny opt-ins!

  • fear of charging too much and too little

  • fear of being too rich/wealthy/abundant/successful

  • not believing you can support yourself doing work you love

  • not living up to your full potential and missing your purpose

  • resistance to looking at the numbers

  • setting prices that feel good to YOU


Each session is a small (10 people max), intimate, and completely confidential experience where you can shift your energy, expand your perspective, and raise your vibration so you can show up to your life and your business feeling nourished, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Friday 6:00pm CST/US

Tuesday 11:00am CST/US

Tuesday 6:00pm CST/US

per session

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Humanity is undergoing an epic shift and we each came here to help facilitate the ride in or own unique way.

Let's tap it out and get on with doing what we came here to do

Are you ready to rise up together?

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