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Soul Goals Activation Package

This is the next step after you've received a Soul Path Reading & Strategy Session to kick start your soul goal success journey. In these 4 sessions together we will do some laser focus coaching around 1 specific Soul Goal and break it down into baby steps that you can take and achieve in the next 8 weeks.


You will:

  • identify your desire

  • set a clear intension

  • recognize the limiting beliefs and subconscious vows you made that prevent you from taking inspired action

  • and transmute stuck energy so you can move forward and align your thoughts, emotions, and frequency to manifest your soul's desire


This package includes:

Four - 60 minute Emotional Freedom Sessions used to focus on achieving success towards your chosen soul goal.


All sessions must be utilized within 2 months from date of purchase because consistently and commitment are the key to soulful success. 

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