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"Shannan’s coaching style encouraged me to share personal experiences that have charted my path for a long time.  In the conversation I was at ease, and introspective, as our conversation flowed.  During the dialogue, I delved into a history that had created a lifestyle that suits me for the moment, but may not be the destiny I was meant to track.  I found Shannan’s questions appropriate and effective in exposing my desire to expand my role as a leader."

"I had a great session with Shannan, she taught me lots about the vibrations in each number and how to clear my head to work on my path. I learned and have been practicing the uses of my weakness, places where I'd like to yell or snap, but instead step back and calm down. I felt very calm afterwards. I can't wait to have another session with her."

"Shannan is the epitome of love and light.  She radiates a calm spirit and creates a safe space to share anything.  She is well prepared and thoughtful with her interpretation of the practice.  So frequently in counseling sessions, practitioners follow a memorized structure but Shannan is without agenda and operates through the energy that is present in the moment; a unique and rare attribute that promotes consciousness and healing.  She is contemplative and patient.  If you want to learn more about your inner soul, what it wants to teach you and how to listen to your own heart, Shannan is your teacher." 

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"I have always respected and valued Shannan's ability to delve into what's going on and not be 

distracted by what's on the surface. Shannan has a way of letting you know she cares about you as a person. I really don't see how she could do the work she does so well if that were not evident. From the outset I trusted Shannan and felt safe talking about issues and feelings that I wouldn't normally have discussed with anyone. It helped clarify for me what was really going on and how I could address, and solve these issues.  


I would recommend Shannan's coaching services to anyone."

"While Shannan was warm and sociable, she kept our session focused squarely on me. She did share some of her personal experiences, but only to demonstrate an understanding of what I was going through or to describe techniques or practices she was drawing from. She also didn’t allow me to derail our session through digressions (something I’m prone to) and gently brought us back on track a number of times.


Other things I enjoyed about working with Shannan were her creativity and delight as I made headway navigating difficult terrain. I gained two key insights from our session that I have continued to work on – one in the area of spirituality and the other in relating to my son. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Shannan in the future on brainstorming techniques for discovering life passions."

"When I first met Shannan, I was immediately captivated by her joyful spirit. Being around her just feels good. She is vivacious, laughs easily and is genuinely eager to connect with others.


I’ve worked with several life coaches in the past few years. One of the things that makes Shannan stand out is her combination of professional knowledge grounded in her social work background and her personal insights based on her own life experiences.


During our session, Shannon was open and compassionate. She has a friendly, non-judgmental but firm approach and I felt safe delving into areas that were uncomfortable at times. It wasn’t always easy, but I knew I needed to go to those places of discomfort to make the types of breakthroughs I’m seeking."

"My sessions with Shannan have been nothing short of extraordinary.  I learn more every time, delve deeper every time, grow and expand every time.  Shannan is completely present, tuned-in and knows when to listen or when to speak.  I’ve learned so much from her and have learned about myself through her because she walks her talk."

"I have known Shannan for many years and have always been impressed with her insightfulness, compassion, and ability to always cut to the heart of the matter. I jumped at the chance to have her as my coach.  


I wasn't sure at first what the issue was. Just that I didn't feel good about myself and that I carried a lot of guilt around from my past. Shannan was able to dig deeper and brought out some underlying issues."

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