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Energy Alchemy Activation Package

This package includes 4-60 minute EFT/Matrix Zoom sessions.

  • First I coach you through identifying a meaningful, realistic, measurable, and specific result you want to create in your life through your personal transformation so you can see how EFT is a tool that can actually change the way you experience your life in the world.

  • Then I teach you the self help techniques that you can use daily to calm your emotions, dissolve old patterns of behavior, and shift limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

  • We use each remaining session to laser focus on the hidden and underlying aspects that are driving your thoughts and behaviors that may have once served you but no longer do.  

By the end of this package you will have a good understanding of how your mind-body memory is causing your on going struggles and YOU will have the tools to change and take control of your life.

If you're tired of letting your emotions dominate and negatively impact your life and you are ready to shift your energy, your beliefs, and your state of being to create lasting change and long term impact on your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your overall sense of peace, confidence, and wellbeing, this laser coaching package is a great way to get started now. 


It's not your fault. There is no blame, shame, or judgment for being where you are. It's part of the human experience AND you are not meant to stay stuck in a negative place. You are designed to experience and move through pain, adversity, and hardship. Recognizing your inner power to create a different reality is your super power and key to changing your life for the better. 

I believe in EFT and I believe in you!  This package is a great way to get started creating your emotional freedom now. 

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