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Your inner child may not alway need warm an fuzzy

I've had two clients this week when working with their inner child/ECHO we call it in Matrix Reimprinting, who rejected my guided approach to giving their inner child a soft sweet etheric response to the traumatic/dramatic situation, and instead replaced it with a simple mater of fact response. I learned a new aspect of how 1 when clients feel safe they know what works for them and they speak up and advocate for their younger selves. 2, it's an assumption, and in accurate one as such, that all children need a warm fuzzy response when they are in a stress response mode. They just needed the facts without all of the over compensation of warmth and coddling. Especially when they grew up with parents that weren't that way. It's similar to setting a boundary with a kid. Just say it in a neural , confident, and matter of fact tone and energy and there is not reactive push back or drama created. I guess they feel safe when we are confident and clear. Sometimes that alone can create the counter conditioning needed to release the old neuropathway and build a new one.

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